Limerick Vows

As a lover of limericks, I insisted that we do our vows in haiku form. We also included a poem that I wrote for Alyssa back around the time when we first met. Here’s everything that we read during our ceremony:


for every heads, there is a tails.
my love for you just never fails
to fill the wind up in my sails
and keep my train square on the rails.

with every yin, there comes a yang,
you’re every love song ever sang.
your sweet reminders make me hang
on every flutter, and each pang.

behind each front, there is a back.
you’re the good luck charm in my pack
inducing dreams must be your knack,
or else my mind just has one track.

there is a mate for every glove.
gazing at our moon above
i know that i must be in love
and you’re the one i’m thinking of.

Limerick Vows

Alyssa’s vows

Honesty and friendship are key
To have a good marriage with thee
But when things get funny,
I swear I won’t runny
And make my new home in a tree.

Josh’s vows

I vow to be honest and true,
loyal, and kindhearted too.
We’ll author each page,
and grow old in age.
And one day, I’ll clean up your poo.

Josh’s bonus vows (previously unreleased!)

Let’s speak of an important matter,
I can’t promise I won’t get any fatter.
For better or worse,
Ferrari or hearse,
But I’d rather the former than latter.

I promise to give you my care,
as long as I’m still breathing air.
In sickness, and health,
Poverty and wealth,
and reasonable wear and tear.

Limericks are rarely so clean
as those I recite here, this e’en.
But I wouldn’t dare
To cuss, curse, or swear,
in front of my favorite Bean.

The dinosaurs, they had their run
Eons, and eons of fun.
Precambrian woes
compare not to those
I’ll suffer when we have a son.

But if, perchance, we have a daughter
who hates all the food that we bought her,
I’ll change all the diapers,
and, ugh, even wipe her,
Thank goodness we have running water.

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