Zach, Devin and Mike’s Wedding Toast

So definitely one of the best surprises of the night came in the form of a song-toast written by Zach, Devin and Mike Schwartz to various Beatles songs. I’ve written out the never before seen lyrics below for your enjoyment. Video to come soon, although Josh doesn’t want to put it up because he embarrassed himself at the end a bit…

to “Help”:
Help! Josh needs somebody
Help! Not just anybody!
Help! You know he needs someone!

When Josh was younger, so much younger than today,
He always slammed the door and made us go away!
But now he’s grown mature and lost all of his hair,
Lucky for everyone, Alyssa doesn’t care.

Love Josh if you can, he’s got a purse
And his fashion sense is only getting worse
To comic sans he really is averse
Won’t you please, please love Josh

to “Saw Her Standing There”:
Well she was just 17 (give or take),
With her eyes on the screen,
And the way she looked was way beyond compare

How could Lyss be with another
When she saw Josh t-shirt design?

to “Paperback Writer”:
Dear Sir or Madam will you meet our Jew
He’s at CES for a week or two
He speaks Klingon and HTML
And he’s cast a level 4 Alyssa spell

And now she’s a Korwin
Mrs. Josh Korwin

to “Come Together”:
There come Alyssa,
She’s got dental hygiene,
She’s got Urban Outfits,
She’s got saint like patience.

She says I love Josh, Josh loves me.
If you’re wearing red and green you’ll be hard to see

Come together, right now, by T-Rex

to “Hey Jude”:
Hey Josh, don’t be afraid, you have found her and just wed her
Forever, you’ll be a slave to her whims
No matter how strange or… watermelon melon melon whaaa

Nah, na na, nanananaa, na na na na, Hey Josh…..

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