The Story Of Us

Josh is a boy from New Jersey
He is a graphic designer

Alyssa is a girl from California
She is an artist

One day he went on a site called Threadless
He decided to post a shirt he had made there

One day she went on a site called Threadless
She decided to vote on some shirts she had seen there

So he put up his design to be voted on
After voting was over, his shirt didn’t win

Among many, she saw Josh’s shirt and voted
She voted and voted and voted some more

But voters seemed to like it so he went on AIM to see what they thought
And he messaged a girl named twostringjane

After a long day of voting she went on AIM to talk to friends
To her surprise she got a message from a boy named jaykay109

And they became friends

Every day he couldn’t wait for Alyssa to get home to talk
He became glued to that computer of his and talked to her everyday

Every day she couldn’t wait to get home to talk to Josh
She became glued to that computer of hers and talked to him everyday

Then, a call came to go to a CES convention in Las Vegas
Josh thought it would be a “very worthwhile” opportunity

Alyssa heard that Josh would be nearby at the convention
She decided a drive up to Las Vegas would be a “very worthwhile” trip

So she met him and he met her in the Flamingo Hotel
It was “love at first sight” (or first type really)

He was sad to leave but flew back to New Jersey
After he got back he planned many trips to California

She was sad to leave but drove back to California
After she got back to she planned many trips to New Jersey

Then… one day he decided to move to California!
He looked for a nice little apartment and asked her to move in with him

She was so excited… he was moving out to California!
She helped him find a nice little apartment and they moved in together

Jobs changed, weather changed (not really, it’s CA after all…), apartments changed
But one thing stayed the same…
They still loved each other

So one day Josh decided to ask Alyssa to marry him
After an extensive analysis of the pros and cons
She said “HECK YES”

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